Custom built Royal Enfield designed on theme Olympic rings

Custom built Royal Enfield designed on theme Olympic rings-global-annal-bhavesh-kumar-auto-motorbikes-vintage

Royal Enfield is one of those vintage motorcycle brands that is still in production providing riders with the much needed reliability, sturdy built and added new features to the bike to keep it rider friendly in the present day situation. Although RE looks quite good in its regular model also, yet this new Royal Enfield Olympic created by Dutch builder Piet Smith is somewhat special in it’s own right. For all those motorcycle enthusiasts out there reading this blog would understand what I mean.

Smith has modified and designed this version of the motorcycle by changing the shape of the chassis where engine is placed with the geometrical shape of a circle and adding another smaller circle to the rear of the motorcycle. The exhaust pipe coming out of engine head too assumes the arc of a circle which merges well with the theme of Olympic circles used in the motorbike.

Source: way2speed, cyrilhuzeblog




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