First Red 6K Dragon test footage is out with three more f-stops (Video)

First Red 6K Dragon test footage is out with three more f-stops (Video)-global-annal-bhavesh-kumar-cinematography-photography


The 6K Dragon sensor is here at last after its scheduled release date in late 2012. However the wait seems worth it, if you take a look at the first test footage. This first test footage of the camera is shot by cinematographer and Red booster Mark Toia, who had put the camera through several stress tests in various difficult conditions like high contrast during daylight and dark nights.

After putting the camera through all extremes, he said that the camera provides an additional three more f-stops of dynamic range in comparison to the MX-equipped Epic and believes that the camera’s new sensor has the potential of creating “best highlight falloff” that he has “ever seen from any digital camera,” including Sony’s $65,000 CineAlta F65 4K model. Red has however committed to begin upgrading Epic and Epic-X cameras with Dragon earlier this spring which they couldn’t provide and instead have recently said that upgrade deliveries would start anytime in September. For the time being, other Directors of Photography and directors are testing these latest Dragon equipped cameras like Peter Jackson, Michael Bay and Darius Woski after which you can expect to come across a deluge of Dragon’s over the coming weeks.

Source: Engadget


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