The countdown to Royal baby birth begins as Kate goes into labour

The day when Duchess of Cambridge will finally give birth to her first child after months of media hype is finally here. The Duchess has been taken to hospital in the early stages of labour, according to Kensington Palace.

The countdown to Royal baby birth begins as Kate goes into labour-kate-williams-duchess-cambridge-global-annal-bhavesh-kumar-women

She was taken from the palace to St Mary’s, west London in Paddington in a car, along with husband the Duke of Cambridge by her side.

The Royal couple does not know the sex of their first child till now, who is going to be third in line to the throne.

“Things are progressing as normal,” said the Monarchy’s spokesman. The next official announcement to come from the Royals is most likely to be that of the birth.

The world’s press has gathered outside the St Mary’s for days now in expectation of the child’s birth. Although there has not been any official announcement of Kate’s due date but it had been widely expected to be somewhere around mid-July.

The Royal vehicles were spotted at the hospital’s back entrance at about 06:00 BST, with the announcement of Kate going into labor coming 90 minutes later from the Kensington Palace.

Source: BBC

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