Jenny McCarthy’s hiring by ABC may cost children their lives

ABC’s decision of choosing Jenny McCarthy to play a host on “The View” could lead to children loosing lives.

Jenny McCarthy’s hiring by ABC may cost children their lives-global-annal-autism-vaccines

As Jenny McCarthy is of the opinion that vaccines caused her son to be autistic when it’s not even clear if he was actually autistic or not, she continues to claim to have a connection between  vaccines and autism without worrying if her claims are backed up by any medical evidence. However this doesn’t stop Jenny McCarthy from publicly making these claims.

McCarthy is a strong supporter of Andrew Wakefield, the British doctor whose study showed there to exist a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. But later Wakefield’s study was found to be based on fraudulent data and he has lost his medical practitioner license but McCarthy continues to support.

Source: Boston, KGO TV

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