History of Camera: ‪‎The world’s first analog magnetic recording camera‬

For those of us who live in the moment do realise the importance of photography in preserving them for the days to come. However, till 1981 there wasn’t any such analog magnetic camera’s were available in the market In the same year Sony came up with its Mavica based on the analog technology and were capable of being the first handheld electronic camera’s which recorded television like signals on 2 X 2 video floppy but it didn’t reached the market.    

 History of Camera ‎The world's first analog magnetic recording camera‬-sony-mavica-canon-rc701-global-annal (In pic: Sony Mavica, 1981)

The first analog camera to have reached the market was Canon RC-701 in 1986. The first pictures from Canon RC-701were taken in 1984 Summer Olympics which were published in a Japnese Newspaper called Yomiuri Shinbun.

canon launches ‎RC‬-701, the world's first commercial magnetic recording still ‎Camera‬.  (In pic: Canon RC-701, 1986)

Source: Myphotoweb, Digicamhistory, Wikipedia



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