Kristen Stewart teased by paparazzi by drawing “I Heart Rob” on her ride (Video)

Kristen Stewart teased by paparazzi by drawing “I Heart Rob” on her ride (Video)-global-annal-bhavesh-kumar-filmmaker-journalist

Do you have any idea how hell breaks loose when a Twilight vampiress scorns. After some paparazzi photographers drew “I Heart Rob” on the dirt of Kristen Stewart’s pick-up truck, she instantly turns into G.I. Jane mode and rebelled. Stewart’s fighting instincts looked much more honed as she is playing the role of a military mamasita in her upcoming flick Camp X-Ray!

In the video you can see KStew coming out from the studio where she finds some paparazzi standing in a huddle around her pick-up truck. The camera then zooms on the dirt drawing on the hood of her car which read “I Heart Rob.”

If this wasn’t enough to instigate Stewart, the insensitive cameramen also started taunting her!!! This led to Kristen reacting angrily at them with a big “F**k you!”

You can check out the Explicit and NSFW encounter video for yourself here.

Even the photographer’s teasing Kris about her Robert Pattinson break-up is unnecessarily cruel, the verbal assault made it even worse!

Although Bella maybe trying her best to come out with her heartbreak but she will be reminded of her days with Pattinson once again when she would be washing her truck.

Source: Perez hilton, e! online, Huffington post, Entertainmentwise


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