Indian fashion photographer Maul Gohel makes it big at the FTV awards in Cannes

Indian Fashion Photographer Maul Gohel has recently received the honor of being selected among 25 international fashion and advertising photographers to win top award at the Cannes Film Festival 2013. Gohel’s journey till here wasn’t as simple as he happened to dropout from MBA in order to chase his dream.

It isn’t just Bollywood stars and films who got all the attention at the Cannes Film Festival 2013 in France. In a battle between the world’s top fashion photographers, Ahmedabad based photographer Maul Gohel emerged victorious with the prestigious Fashion TV award for Best Photographer, Advertising & Commercial.

The story of Gohel’s success isn’t easy at all. He also had to take the tough decision like that taken by Farhan Qureshi (R Madhavan) in the film 3 Idiots, who had to leave a prominent engineering college to chase his dream of becoming a professional photographer. Gohel (25) too had to drop out of an MBA degree in 2008, with hardly any money or support from family.

Indian fashion photographer Maul Gohel makes it big at the FTV awards in Cannes-bhavesh-photography-global-annal

On the question regarding his journey from a budding photographer to being nominated in the most prestigious award ceremony for fashion photographers in Cannes, he told that he hails from a family of doctors and engineers where there was no room for pursuing creative careers like photography. Gohel didn’t had enough money in the starting to buy all the expensive photography equipment and his father was also not convinced enough of his new career choice and regarded it just as a temporary phase. Gohel started working with a event management company to earn money for supporting his love for photography. He would borrow camera from a friend and would continue with his passion. Even at the time when he started bagging his first photography projects, he still didn’t owned a camera. This phase of intense struggle lasted for five years till his dad realised his commitment for photography and gifted him a digital SLR.

It wasn’t easy for Gohel to arrange funds to go to America to learn photography. However, once he returned to India after completing his photography course and worked for some fashion and advertising campaigns, his work did seem to get some recognition leading his work to be acknowledged and getting nominated at Cannes.

On being asked about what he find particularly intriguing in fashion photography, he told that it is an amazing art form and fails to understand why it is often considered superficial and not good enough for serious thought even though it is culturally relevant, has an artistic narrative and leaves a deep impact. Gohel told that he can easily express himself through black and white, surreal and realistic imagery, candid shots and sophisticated set-ups to name a few.

When asked if he would like to give any tip to aspiring photographers, he told It isn’t enough to be creative alone and one should a business sense as early as possible. As fashion is assuming a more corporate and business-driven approach, it has become imperative to understand the mechanics in the business of fashion

Other than going through fashion magazines, it a must for budding photographers to religiously read trade papers for valuable information regarding latest updates and agencies contacts.

Source: TOI, Missmalini

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