Millions of people come out in Brazil to protest against government








(In Pic: People protesting against the spending undertaken by government on building World Cup stadiums instead of allocating it efficiently to areas where it was required more like Health, Education, Housing etc.)

Thousands of demonstrators have gathered together in a square in Brazil’s economic hub, Sao Paulo, on Tuesday. This historic wave of protests is set to be against the shoddy state of public transit, schools and other public services in this booming South American giant.

The protest was initiated earlier this month after the announcement of a 10-cent hike in bus and subway fares and organized via social media. The nationwide protests are being used by people to voice their growing discontent over the gap between Brazil’s high tax burden and the low quality of public infrastructure. The protest is seen as an extension of similar protests being held in Turkey, Greece and other parts of the globe where people have exploded in the streets to rise against weary governments.

It is on Tuesday that thousands of people marched to the City Hall building of Sao Paulo, leading up to a fight between a small group and police in an attempt to enter the square by force. News reports of another protests building up in the working class Rio de Janeiro suburb of Sao Goncalo are also coming in.

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Source: The Idealist, BBC, CBC


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