US spy agency files for probe into NSA leaks, Justice department to give approval

A U.S. intelligence agency has filed its request to conduct a criminal probe into the leak of highly classified information about the extremely secret surveillance programs to be run by the National Security Agency. The said information came to be known after the intelligence chief’s spokesman told about it.

The nation’s spy chief confirmed the news of NSAs filing of “crimes report” after a few hours when James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence started vehemently defending the secret government data collection program.

Clapper annoyingly called them “reckless disclosures” of a highly classified spy agency running the project code-named PRISM.

The scope of the leaks investigation requested by the super-secret NSA isn’t known till now, but Clapper’s spokesman Shawn Turner said a “crimes report has been filed.”

According to the established procedures the crimes report goes to the Justice Department for determining whether or not investigation is necessary. Generally prosecutors are not expected to accept all requests but they have accepted few high-profile leak investigations under President Barack Obama. The U.S. officials believe that the NSA leaks in question were so astonishing that there is least chances of the Justice Department to turn down the case. The Justice Department spokesman has however declined to comment on the issue.

Source: Itbusinessnet, Washingtonpost, Nytimes


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