Several households still without power as destructive tornadoes move through east, south

Trees and utility wires were harmed by destructive winds and power went off in parts of northern New England on Sunday. Flights in New York City were delayed and a tornado had hit South Carolina while the battered remnants of violent storms that claimed 13 lives in Oklahoma laid still on the East Coast.

Storm damage in St. Charles, Mo.

About 30,000 people in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine had to still remain without power late that night as heavy rain, thunderstorms, high winds and hail kept attacking through the Northeast on Sunday afternoon.  A rare tornado warning was issued by The National Weather Service as a line of thunderstorms passed through New Hampshire entering western Maine. Another tornado warning was issued as weather services found out about a possible tornado moving from Kingfield, Maine, to Bingham, Maine through its radar. No immediate confirmation on the tornado was received.

A home was knocked off from its foundation and part of its roof was blown-off in north-western South Carolina, told Taylor Jones, Director of emergency management in Anderson County. Although some trees were blown down with heavy rain but no news of any widespread damage is communicated so far. No injuries were reported.

Several households still without power as destructive tornadoes move through east, south-global-annal2

Apart from all these developments another bad news also came out with the news of death of Severe-storms researcher Tim Samaras. Tim Samaras was a 55 years old.

Source: Fox, CNN, National Geographic


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