Turkey protests continue unabated

Once again Clashes resumed between police and protesters on Saturday morning at central Istanbul’s Taksim Square. Demonstrations had begun going on in Turkey for four days now.

Turkey protests continue unabated-global-annal

The protests began spreading to a dozen other Turkish cities in no time. This includes the capital city of Ankara, and Izmir, where stones and bottles were thrown at police in confrontations with protesters all through the night and continued till Saturday. The clashes left streets littered with broken glass, rubbish and empty tear-gas shells. Even Turks living outside in both Europe and U.S., also organized solidarity protests in support of protestors at home.

Turkey protests continue unabated-global-annal2

Although Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan pointed towards use of excessive police force in his televised speech assuring investigation upon the same but also called the protests “dishonest” and ideological, with some “dark figures linked to terrorism.” behind them.

Turkey protests continue unabated-global-annal3

Source: worldbulletin, cnninternational, WSJ


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