Intel launches Core i7-4770K with modest performance enhancements from Core i7-3770K

Intel has unveiled its new quad-core Intel Core i7-4770K in the top-end chip category based on Haswell microarchitecture. The chip is its second processor built on the 22nm process node. Even though the chip includes a number of new capabilities and enhancements and also performs relatively well in terms of CPU efficiency, but it may disappoint enthusiasts by its lower over clocking potential.

Intel launches Core i7-4770K with modest performance enhancements from Core i7-3770K-global-annal

The Haswell microarchitecture is a “tock” in the tick-tock model of development adopted by Intel. In Intel’s classification, “ticks” are meant for smaller process technologies and introduction of new manufacturing processes and “tocks” are used for core architectural improvements that change the CPUs feature sets and capabilities. Ivy Bridge made its debut last year as the first 22nm processor manufactured on Intel’s FinFET technology. This year, Haswell introduces a number of changes to the underlying CPU structure.

Intel launches Core i7-4770K with modest performance enhancements from Core i7-3770K-global-annal2

The Intel Core i7-4770K is a 3.5GHz chip with the option of 3.9GHz Turbo speed. It is similar to the Ivy Bridge Intel Core i7-3770K and also lends formal support for up to DDR3-1600. The CPU’s TDP has marginally increased in comparison to the 3770K, from 77W up to 84W. This is likely to prompt changes in the integrated voltage module leading to the VRM’s power consumption must now be dissipated by the CPU heat sink.

Source: pcmag, cnet, techspot

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