Connect with the infinite energy source within you

Each day passes by without making any significant contribution to our journey in life. We always stay confused between which path to adopt and which ones to let take a drop. Sometimes everything around us turns hazy and nothing makes sense that’s when one the need for a direction is most sought after to keep our spirits buoyant. It isn’t always easy to stay connected with your goal and continue looking at it with uninterrupted focus and concentration.

Connect with the infinite energy source within you-global-annal

In office for instance when you give your best to a certain project but are not accredited with proper credit for it. You easily get disheartened and slowly lose the added initiative that you took once. It was this certain something contributed by you that made it work for you but in the absence of accreditation you stopped listening to that voice and after a certain period your inner voice is reduced to its minimums levels. These are the days when life may lose all meaning for you and each passing day may become nothing short of burden for you. However what should be remembered to break the loop in days like these that what was that certain something that made you happy, what was it earlier that kept you going? However, also remember that with this memory may also return the behavioral imperfections that were part of your actions once and may have led you into present mess. So you should be carefully picking up happiness from the happy past days and not let its associated imperfections to bother you and keep channeling the positive happy energy to your advantage.

Life is all about continuing to getting positive from this infinite energy source present in all of us. In an era when mental disorders like schizophrenia, OCDs, Depression and such other diseases are ailing millions of people, this way the problem can be addressed through the use of positive visualization leading to meditation in the next step. In case you have had any problems understanding any part of this text, you can write to me at or share your comments below.

Published by Bhavesh Kumar

A multi-talented professional with diverse experience spanning across Advanced statistical analysis,Python programming with NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, Seaborn, Tableau, Machine Learning with stats models and scikit-learn, Deep learning with TensorFlow, Instructional design, E-learning, journalism (online and broadcast), management consultancy and documentary filmmaking. Worked for the leading international news agencies on feature stories, videography, scripting, programming and editing broadcast news. A creative and analytical mindset focused on executing new-age strategic communication initiatives with all its corresponding elements (clear and coherently written key messages, marketing strategy and predictive analytics) to ensure effective target audience impressions. Also, worked on several primary and secondary market research projects (Market Feasibility Study) for businesses looking for actionable insights.

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