Teen sparks public outrage in China by putting graffiti on Egyptian heritage site, Luxor

A Chinese micro-blogger posted a photo of graffiti at a Luxor temple complex on Friday saying: “Ding Jinhao was here.”

Teen sparks public outrage in China by putting graffiti on Egyptian heritage site, Luxor-global-annal

The person behind this act is a 15-year-old boy from Nanjing whose details such as name, date of birth and school were posted online according to reports.

His parents have apologised on his behalf to a local newspaper saying they are sorry for his action said Chinese media reports. For those who don’t know about Luxor it is situated on the bank of Nile and the large temple complex here is built by Amenhotep III, who lived in the 14th Century BC, and the work was later taken over by Ramesses II.

The graffiti was found carved by a tourist named Shen who visited Luxor three weeks ago. After he posted the picture on his Sina Weibo micro-blogging account, public anger started building up against the act prompting more than 100,000 net users to comment on the post.

Mr Ding’s mother said to local newspaper Modern Express “We want to apologise to the Egyptian people and to people who have paid attention to this case across China,”

She also said that Ding, committed this act when he was younger and had realised the gravity of his actions.

Ding Jinhao’s father on the other hand had appealed from the public to not put excessive pressure on his son saying: “This is too much pressure for him to take.”

The boy’s identification led to the hacking of his primary school’s website, the Global Times newspaper said.

Source: bbc, ahramonline, globaltimes


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