NTSB worried over fate of other bridges after Washington bridge collapse

The collapse of an Interstate highway bridge in northern Washington State should be taken seriously according to the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board.

NTSB worried over fate of other bridges after Washington bridge collapse-global-annal

Detailed investigation must go in to find out the reason behind this unforeseen catastrophe in the north of Seattle and seek for measures through more such incidents could be repeated at similar bridges around US, said Debbie Hersman.

“This is a really significant event and we need to learn from it, not just in Washington but around the country,” Hersman said after he inspected the bridge by taking a boat ride on the Skagit River. The

The bridge in question dropped as a result of a truck bumping against the steel framework leading to the bridge collapse involving the fall of two vehicles and three people into the chilly waters.

“At the end of the day it’s about preventing an accident like this,” she said.

Her team will spend about 10 days assessing the bridge closely which involves apart from other activities like talking to the truck driver whose vehicle hit it, and scrutinizing maintenance documents and previous accident reports to find any missing link.

The Skagit River Bridge has been hit by other over-height vehicles also before its collapse on Thursday, told Hersman. Investigators are evaluating the scene with the help of a high tech 3-D video camera to identify where the location of bridge failure precisely.

Source: mynorthwestfoxnews, cnn 

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