Bulls’ appalling defeat from Heat is “not the end of the world” according to Joakim Noah

For Joakim Noah, it’s all part of the game.

“We didn’t play well, but it’s not the end of the world,” Noah said late Wednesday. “It’s 1-1 and it’s going to be a big Game 3 in Chicago.”

Bulls' appalling defeat from Heat is “not the end of the world” according to Joakim Noah-global-annal

The Bulls are now going to practice back home at the Berto Center on Thursday afternoon, and will go through the film of the worst playoff loss in its franchise history. Bulls will have to assess the reason behind their 37-point thrashing by the Heat. As Noah and Taj Gibson were ejected from the game, Gibson said “We got one game,” “Every game is tough. That’s a good team over there. They’re the defending champs. Nothing is going to come easy. Just because we’re going home doesn’t mean anything. It’s still going to be a tough game. We have to regroup. We can’t relax.”

The word Relax doesn’t exist in coach Tom Thibodeau’s vocabularly. As the Bulls lost the game, their composure and the ball also got lost as the Heat snatched away 28 points off 19 turnovers from them.

“The live-ball turnover really hurt us; you put them in the open floor,” he said. “And then I thought the frustration level of maybe not getting calls on drives, so now instead of sprinting back to get set, we’re complaining to the officials and they’re laying it in. You can’t do that. If you have a point to make to an official, there’s an appropriate time to do that, and it’s during a dead ball. When the ball is live you have one responsibility, get back and get set, help your team.”

Source: Chicago Tribune, ESPNSports World News


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