21 Unknown Facts from the World of Photography

Here’s a list of some fascinating, and bizarre facts about photography that you probably didn’t knew. You can also use this information to answer the next quiz you attend. All your questions regarding what was the most expensive camera ever sold, how big the largest ever photograph was, or how many Hasselblads there are on the moon, shall be answered here.

21 Unknown Facts from the World of Photography-global-annal

Photography and Biology


The f-number of the human eye works in the range of about f/8.3 in well lit conditions, to about f/2.1 in dark settings.



To know about the focal length of human eye, one should take into consideration the light-reflecting properties of liquids in the eye.



F-numbers are essentially written as they are because of human biology, as the human perception is also of logarithmic nature. The fact may result in confusion for some however the story behind f-numbers dates back to ancient Greece and has its origins in the study on brightness of stars.

Source: PetaPixel



The total numbers of photos we snap every two minutes today are equal to what the whole humanity clicked in the 1800s.



In a survey conducted last year, 76 per cent of British were seen drunk in photos in which they were tagged.





Which do you consider as your best side? Is it your left side? A study done by Kelsey Blackburn and James Schriillo from Wake Forest University found that the left side of peoples’ faces is noticed as better looking than the right side. The findings suggest that this is perhaps due to the fact that we emulate greater emotional intensity on the left side of our faces. You too could benefit from this information and consider it the next time you are going to portrait clicked.
SourceScience Daily


Photography’s All-time Greatest Records


The biggest SLR lens till date is the Carl Zeiss Apo Sonnar T*. It weighs 564lb/256kg and has a massive focal length of 1700mm. The lens has been specifically designed for use with a Hasselblad 6×6 medium format camera that was customized for an anonymous customer for use in wildlife photography.



The rare 1923 Leica camera is the most expensive camera ever sold that fetched a price  of $2.8 million at auction in Vienna.



The largest photograph in the world is of a control tower and runways at the US Marin Corps Air Station in El Toro, Orange County, California. The photograph measures 32 feet high and 11 feet wide. It was clicked in a decommissioned jet hanger, which was transformed into a giant pinhole camera. The ‘film’ used in this photograph was 32 feet x 111 feet piece of white fabric covered in 20 gallons of light-sensitive emulsion. SourceWikipedia



The longest photographic negative in world is 129 feet and was made by Esteban Pastorino Diaz. The negative contains panorama of major streets in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The images on this negative were captured by the slit camera, which was mounted on a moving car’s roof.
SourceGuinness World Records



Dilish Parekh of Mumbai, India, has the largest camera collection in the world. He has an extensive collection of 4,425 antique cameras since 1977.
SourceGuinness World Records



Kodak founder George Eastman, had a special affection for the letter ‘K’. He said, “It seems a strong, incisive sort of letter.” He named his company ‘Kodak’ with the help of his mother.

Source: en.wikipedia.org  /  via: digitalcameraworld.com



In 1990, Kodak used collectible toys to promote brand in the area of kids photography. These toys were known as Kolorkins.

Source: @Photojojo  /  via: digitalcameraworld.com



Before the advent of digital age, US government used to take spy photographs of Soviet Union. They have launched about 20 satellites with each of them containing 60 miles of film and cameras. After the film in these satellites finished, the satellites shot back through the Earth’s atmosphere and fell over the Pacific Ocean with the help of parachutes. These were then caught with the use of grappling hooks by C-130 Air Force planes.

Source: theatlantic.com  /  via: digitalcameraworld.com



Cameras and guns share their history. Earlier cameras were based on some dry plate cameras modeled on Colt revolver mechanics, whereas the cinema cameras design was modeled on machine guns.

Source: david-campbell.org  /  via: digitalcameraworld.com


There are 12 Hasselblad cameras on the moon’s surface. They were left there to offset some extra load after the moon landings. It was done to carry some lunar rock samples back to earth.

Source: en.wikipedia.org  /  via: digitalcameraworld.com


Funny cat photographs with captions (see icanhascheezeburger.com) quickly became and are still viral on the internet. However, you would be amazed to know that one of the first photographers of cats in amusing poses was English photographer Harry Pointer in the 1870s.

Source: photohistory-sussex.co.uk  /  via: digitalcameraworld.com


Manhattanhenge, also known by the name of Manhattan Solstice, is a spectacle whereby the setting sun aligns with Manhattan’s east-west streets. The event creates a dramatic effect that is similar to the same phenomenon created at the England’s ancient Stonehenge leading it to be named after it. It is one of the most favorite photography events in New York.

Source: digitalcameraworld.com


It has been notices that during a solar eclipse, tree leaves act as pinhole lenses, which cast crescent-shaped images of the eclipsed sun on the ground.

Source: petapixel.com  /  via: digitalcameraworld.com


For those photographing in space may face some difficulty getting sharp images due to vibrations made by fans, jet firings, and other machinery.

Source: luminous-landscape.com  /  via: digitalcameraworld.com


It is possible now to test your camera’s shutter speed using a TV or monitor. The tool works with both focal plane and leaf type shutters. This diagram could be used to understand the results better.

Source: digitalcameraworld.com  /  via: rick_oleson.tripod.com


Source: Digital Camera World, Buzzfeed 

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