Smartphones beat Feature Phones globally, Samsung leading the shift

Smartphones have captured 51.6% of the total mobile phone market with worldwide shipments touching 216.2 million units in the first quarter. The IDC’s data provides the understanding that this is the first time that hardware makers have shipped more smartphones than feature phones globally. It’s nothing short of a landmark for the smartphones category.

Smartphones beat Feature Phones globally, Samsung leading the shift-global-annal

Phone makers have shipped a total number of 418.6 million devices during this quarter, up by 4% in comparison to the year-ago quarter (402.4 million). These figures were down compared to the previous quarter (483.2 million). The first quarter downturn in sales typically takes place following the holiday quarter, so these numbers are nothing to worry about as they represent the seasonal trends.

The overall mobile market may have just grown by only 4%, but the smartphone shipments have improved by a strong 41.6% on year-over-year basis. The smartphone devices witness a jump from 152.7 million devices in 2012 to 216.2 million devices in 2013. However, the smartphone shipments have dipped just 5.1% from the fourth quarter of 2012 with shipments of 227.8 million.

Source: ZDNet, PCMag, IW, Business Wire


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