Phil Ramone, Record Producer for Music’s Greatest Stars dies

A creative record producer and engineer Phil Ramone has died on Saturday in Manhattan. He has worked with the leading music stars of past 50 years like Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon, Billy Joel and Barbra Streisand. He was 79 years old. There has been some controversy over his age in media with some reporting that he was 72. However, public records and his family members validate that he was born on 5th Jan, 1934.

Phil Ramone, Record Producer for Music’s Greatest Stars dies-global-annal

His son Matthew confirmed the news of his death. No particular cause has been told responsible for his death. However, Mr. Ramone was media reports stated that he has been admitted to a hospital in Manhattan in late February for treatment of aortic aneurysm.

In the 2007 memoir of Mr. Ramone, “Making Records: The Scenes Behind the Music,” that he wrote with Charles L. Granata, Mr. Ramone gave an insight into what a record producer does. He compared the record producer’s role roughly to that of a film director. According to him a record producer creates and manages an environment in which he tries to bring out the best work out of his singers.

Source: NY Times, NPR


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