Everyone’s going to find something interesting in “Mr. Selfridge”

The country that brought “Are You Being Served?” to you is now bringing “Mr. Selfridge,” for you.  The show is loosely based on the founding of a British retail institution (Selfridge & Co. department store, also known as Selfridges). The eight-part show begins on Sunday on PBS’ “Masterpiece.”

"Mr. Selfridge"

The show stars Jeremy Piven as Harry Gordon Selfridge. Selfridge is known to be the first American who brought recreational shopping to Britain. The format of the show is neither of a miniseries nor that of a biopic but a full-fledged, open-ended TV series. You would be surprised to know that a second season has already been planned for 2014.  The show takes real people from a real place and time like “The Tudors/The Borgias,”  and tailors their lives in a way which television audience finds interesting.

There is no-doubt some similarity to “Mad Men,” as it is a period show about the art of selling. Also the show is related to “Downton Abbey” for the reason that it has a connection with social mobility in the Edwardian era.

Source: LA Times


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