Android based device for Kids achieves $50k Kickstarter funding in one day

Technology has permeated human life to such an extent that today even kids want their share of technology for education, entertainment and games. Kids asking parents for computers when they are in the middle of completing work on an important file is something that every parent could connect to. Not to mention that Content and Privacy concerns are the leading issues which bug parents when allowing their kids to access the internet behind their back.

eMachines created MiiPC to target exactly this need and put up the project on Kickstarter to gather necessary funds for the same. MiiPC has the option of connecting the existing monitor, keyboard and mouse with the box and derives processing power from Tablet like processing units. Amongst the list of specifications in this MiiPC box it includes a dual-core 1.2GHz Marvell SoC, 1GB of RAM, and 4GB of flash storage.

Android based device for Kids achieves $50k Kickstarter funding in one day-global-annal

Android version 4.2 is used in the device as it comes for free which helps the manufacturer to provide better hardware in the device with the money saved on Operating System. Moreover companion apps designed to inform parents about what their kids are doing on the computer is also being developed by ZeroDesktop Inc. that is compatible with both iOS and Android both.

ZeroDesktop Inc. thought that it would generate the required funding of $50k for the project from Kickstarter in 45 days which to its surprise, it gathered in just 2 days.

Source: Android Police


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