Lacrosse players pays tribute to Seton Hill’s coach

Players from across US wore crimson and gold to honor the Seton Hill’s lacrosse coach Kristina Quigley.

Lacrosse players pays tribute to Seton Hill’s coach-global-annal

The bus transporting the university women’s lacrosse team met with an accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike on Saturday. The accident resulted in the death of the driver and the team’s pregnant coach according to the school officials.

There were about 23 students and three coaches of Seton Hill University in the bus told turnpike spokesman Bill Capone.

The accident took place near the Carlisle interchange of central Pennsylvania when the bus veered off the road. This led to the bus crashing through the fence and had hit a tree leading to driver’s death.

The injured 3 passengers were taken to Penn State Hershey Medical Center out of which one person died, said hospital’s spokeswoman Danielle Ran.

“Seton Hill University has learned that the university’s head women’s lacrosse coach, Kristina Quigley, died of injuries sustained in the crash. Quigley was pregnant, and her unborn baby boy died as a result of the crash as well,” said school spokeswoman Kary Coleman.

19 other passengers on-board the bus were not seriously injured, said turnpike spokesman, Capone.

Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette, The Tribune Democrat 


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