Dropbox update provides ease of file sharing and real-time notifications

The biggest cloud storage provider Dropbox has updated its user interface by introducing several changes in the OS X menu bar asset. In the new update there is direct access to file sharing, recently changed files along with many other changes. The drop-down menu in the Dropbox 2.0 has been redesigned with advanced UI providing the functionality of real-time notifications of invitations, shared folder updates and links etc.

Dropbox update provides ease of file sharing and real-time notifications

Another important feature that has been provided in the Dropbox 2.0 is the ability to generate public links for files in Dropbox menu without knowing the exact location of the file in Dropbox. Though this feature applies only to the files that have been changed recently but Dropbox has taken the right decision by introducing the feature. Also, it has become easier for the users to keep track of the shared folders, links or albums from the drop-down menu. Notifications of incoming invites to shared folders are sent immediately to the menu bar for taking decision regarding acceptance or denial quickly. Users can click on links directly in the menu to access the linked file.


With the help of two buttons at the top of the menu, users are directed to their desktop Dropbox folder and to the Dropbox website. The information provided in the earlier Dropbox’s drop-down like the space remaining and preferences are now placed under the settings icon.


Source: Apple Insider


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