Samsung Galaxy S4 guessed to have 5 inch screen (VIDEO)

The 5-inch big screen size is going to become a regular feature after Samsung is going to offer the feature in its coming Galaxy S4 smartphone handset. The Dell Streak is one such phone that began the trend in smartphone industry based on Android platform after its launch in 2010.

Samsung Galaxy S4 guessed to have 5 inch screen (VIDEO)-global-annal

Some people may not believe in the fact that Dell actually established some upcoming trends in the smartphone industry but there’s no taking away the credit from Dell on this front. Jason Hinder of TechRepublic observed at that time that no one really knew how to best possibly use the device (leading to coining of the term Phablet). Also, initially some smartphone manufacturers have rubbished the idea of a 5-inch screen saying that it’s too big a screen size to carry around comfortably and designed for the ones who spend a considerable time on the web applications to complete their daily tasks on the job.

Coming back to the recent times, Samsung is going to unveil Galaxy S4 on Thursday. One video from 52Samsung guessed that the phone is expected to don a 5-inch screen in its coming Galaxy S series. The Verge also indicated towards the possibility of Galaxy S4 to come with a bigger screen from its earlier versions.

Source: DNA, Brisbane Times, ZDNET


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