Latest Iron Man 3 trailer reveals Mandarin and Tony Stark’s clash (VIDEO)

Latest Iron Man 3 trailer reveals Mandarin and Tony Stark’s clash (VIDEO)-global-annal


The latest international trailer for Iron Man 3 has been launched on Tuesday making it the first project in phase two of Marvel after “The Avengers” from last year. The trailer gives the fans an extended peek inside the “Iron Man 3”. Though the first trailer was revealed in October, this latest trailer was created for the Super Bowl event.

Entertainment Weekly observes that the trailer of Iron Man 3 suggests the movie to have a darker tone as compared to earlier iterations of the movie. The movie also features a clash between Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Kingsley (Mandarin) about which Robert Downey Jr. said “No politics here,”

He also added, “Just good old fashioned revenge.” And mentioned the clash between Mandarin and Tony Stark takes place as a result of Mandarin taking away something personal belonging to Stark. The trailer also includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Rebecca Hall and Guy Pearce (Villain).

Iron Man 3 will be released internationally earlier than the domestic release on IMAX theatre on 25th April whereas the actual release date domestically is going to be 3rd May. The next Marvel release slated for this year’s release is Thor: The Dark World in the month of November.

Source: The Celebrity Cafe


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