70th anniversary of White Rose: Three students were executed for trying Hitler’s coup

70th anniversary of White Rose Three students were executed for trying Hitler’s coup-global-annal

Three German students were executed 70 years ago for carrying out a movement against Hitler. The movement was titled White Rose group and the incident turned the members of the group into national heroes. Lilo Furst-Ramdohr was one of the members of White Rose group. The group came into existence in 1943 when a group of students started drawing out protests against Hitler at the most critical phase during World War II by resorting to passive resistance.

Ramdohr was just a 29 year old widow at the time of her coming in touch with White Rose group, who lost her husband at the Russian front. She was introduced to the group by her friend Alexander Schmorell.

99 year old Furst-Ramdohr said, “I can still see Alex today as he told me about it,”

“He never said the word ‘resistance’, he just said that the war was dreadful, with the battles and so many people dying, and that Hitler was a megalomaniac, and so they had to do something.”

Source: BBC


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