Debate on establishing Advanced Detection Systems for warding off Russian Meteor Strike like incident heats up

The recent meteor bursting in Russia has suddenly created ground for debate whether to consider installation of advanced detection systems that could timely warn of the looming danger in space.

Debate on establishing Advanced Detection Systems for warding off Russian Meteor Strike like incident heats up-global-annal

Entrepreneurs who have set up companies like eBay, Google and Facebook are vying at the concept as a business opportunity and working on developing such advanced detection systems. Their efforts on developing such systems received life blood with such incident.

Edward Lu, an ex-astronaut and Google executive working on the development of detection systems said, “Wouldn’t it be silly if we got wiped out because we weren’t looking?”

“This is a wake-up call from space. We’ve got to pay attention to what’s out there.”

Though Astronomers haven’t reported of any such meteors or asteroids that could pose a major risk to life on earth but according to NASA a little less than 10 percent of such bodies floating in the outer space can pose potential risk to the planet earth.

Dr. Lu’s venture B612 Foundation (named after the imaginary island of Little Prince), NASA and Planetary Resources are the few firms venturing in this area while also looking for opportunities for mining on these Asteroids.

Source: NY Times

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