Audi strategically reveals 300HP S3 Sportback right before its debut at the Geneva Show

Audi does know the importance of timing and it proved it by revealing the S3 Sportsback just 4 months after revealing its three-door version of S3. On the same day Mercedes also came out with its most powerful four cylinder production turbo petrol engine ever.

Audi strategically reveals 300HP S3 Sportback right before its debut at the Geneva Show-global-annal

With the five-door S3 Sportback, consumers shall receive more legroom, boot space and not to mention the raw power from the power train. S3 Sportback houses a 2.0 liter petrol engine that produces 300HP and 280lb/ft of torque. The car has the usual Audi Quattro system with six-speed manual gearbox or six-speed S tronic auto version. As the manual gearbox S3 reaches the speed of not to 62mph in 5.5 seconds, the auto gearbox achieves the speed in 5 seconds flat. The top speed for the howling engine has been limited to 155mph, of course.

Meanwhile, the ground clearance of this new S3 is 25mm lesser when compared to standard A3. The reason for this though is the S sports suspension fitted in S3. S3’s front axle is also further by 52mm as the car is based on the latest Volkswagen platform called as “MQB”. Though S3 Sportback is heavier by 50 kg in contrast to the three-door S3 but has shed as many as 70 kilos from its predecessor.

The Wheels of this mean machine are 18-inch fitted with 340mm disc brakes on the front wheel. Audi’s Drive Select is offered in the car for drivers to choose the throttle response they want. The S tronic feature come to the rescue of those who want to reduce their shift times and adjust steering ratio according to personal preferences.  The Magnetic Ride System is also present though only as an option.

However, don’t forget to compare the Audi S3s with upcoming RS3 and Merc A45 AMG before making a buying decision on which German uber-hatch to go for.

Source: Top Gear, Auto Blog Canada

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