#JustinTimberlake reveals #AlbumCover and #Track-List of his #Upcoming #MusicAlbum #The20/20Experience on #Twitter

Justin Timberlake has revealed another critical detail of his upcoming music album by revealing the Album Cover and Track List of the yet to be released album, “The 20/20 Experience”. Justin has been revealing one or other details about his album to keep his fans updated about every development and keep them interested in his work.

JustinTimberlake reveals AlbumCover and Track-List of his Upcoming MusicAlbum #The2020Experience on Twitter-global-annal

First he shared some glimpses of his while shooting the “Suit and Tie” video and then he was seen by millions of fans while performing with Jay-Z in a Super Bowl concert.

The tweet done by Justin Timberlake to announce this news, said, “I wanted you guys to see this first!!! #albumcover #tracklist https://stipple.com/photos/30556744,” Isn’t that great..Yeah! Justin appears wearing a suit and tie in the album cover, guess that justifies his attire and get his eyes checked as the album’s titled 20/20, got it?

The album is going to be out on March 19. The track list is shared below:

“Pusher Love Girl”

“Suit & Tie”

“Don’t Hold the Wall”

“Strawberry Bubblegum”

“Tunnel Vision”

“Spaceship Coupe”

“That Girl”

“Let the Groove Get In”


“Blue Ocean Floor”

Also you can listen to Justin Timberlake sharing some wedding secrets and about his upcoming album “The 20/20 Experiences” album here.

You can voice your level of de desperation for the album release..We don’t mind fans..Voicing their appreciation.. 😛

Source: E! Online

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