Microsoft’s Surface Pro Review: feature rich tablet (VIDEO)

Though Windows 8 was launched, it will finally make it to the market after the launch of Windows 8 Pro based Microsoft Surface tablet.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is feature rich, priced steep (VIDEO)-global-annal

“The Surface Pro is the first Microsoft-branded device capable of running a full version of the company’s Windows 8 Pro operating system. And although it comes in the shape of a tablet, the little device has the power of a full-size desktop.”

Not much have been done with the appearance of the Surface Pro and looks a lot like its predecessor Surface RT, some hardware and software features are all that differentiates it. The Surface Pro is made of the same VaporMG dark metal that was used in the Surface RT, however still the tablet weighs about half a pound more in comparison to Surface RT thus making it the bulkiest tablet (2 Pounds).

A certain portion of bulk also comes from the use of Intel i5 processors used on a desktop as against the ARM processors. The benefit of using this processor in the tablet helps users by gaining the functionality of accessing apps in the same way they are accessed on desktops.

As Surface RT was capable of downloading apps from the Microsoft Store only, the Surface Pro can download software’s like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word and could install internet browsers other than the Internet Explorer e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

The technology reviewers at LA Times also tried using the Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access on the Surface Pro and all them worked just fine on the tablet.

Another feature of Surface Pro tablet is its Mini DisplayPort that can be used for either connecting it through HDMI, VGA Cable and Adapter. Through this port you can connect the Surface Pro with a large screen as a desktop and can also connect the full size keyboard through its USB 3.0 port or connect a Bluetooth mouse with the tablet. The functionality of all these add-ons have been tested by experts and in their opinion it worked just like the way they work on a desktop.

There is one thing however that you must know about the Surface Pro, it’s the use of two indention fans to cool off the device when it gets heated up just like our desktops. Though the device doesn’t get too hot to hold, yet you must know these facts as tablets don’t normally have indention fans installed in them.

However, you must not have really high expectations from the device, since it has a desktop processor and try installing full computer games on the Surface Pro as it’s not supported on this device.

The Stylus (doesn’t uses battery) that comes with Surface Pro is new addition to the device after Surface RT and provides the functionality just like that of a mouse connecting to the tablet’s magnetic power connector. The functionality of a stylus has most use for the designers out there and apps such as “Fresh Paint” and “SketchBook Express” can be downloaded from Microsoft Store to savor this feature.

You can also take notes in your own handwriting by using the stylus on Microsoft OneNote. There is also a button on the stylus that gives the functionality of an eraser to the stylus. Most Apps look fine on the Surface Pro but Apps for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are still not available on the device. “Temple Run 2” that is available for the Apple iPad and Google Nexus 10 is also not accessible on the Surface Pro.

Though the size of Surface Pro’s display is same at 10.6 inches, it has higher Full HD resolution pitching at 1920 x 1080 pixels. However, this doesn’t takes it away from the Surface RT as Videos and Images look the same on both the devices without much noticeable difference.

Source: LA Times, Daily Mail

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