The legacy built by Porsche RSR for “Brand Porsche”

Porsche Carrera RSR is one car from the Porsche stable that won many races and is based to the RS 2.7. The car has got the premium space in Porsche Museum because of the feats achieved by this car.

The legacy built by Porsche RSR for Brand Porsche-global-annal

Porsche 911 RS History :


The first race for Carrera RSR was the 24-hour race in Daytona, Florida and showed its potential in that very race itself. After team of American Racers Gregg/Haywood joined as racers for the car, they landed up winning the race unchallenged ahead of popular cars like Ferrari, Matra and Mirage-Ford.


It didn’t take long enough for Carrera RSR to emerge victorious in the category which was ruled earlier by the Gran Tourino. Over the period, Porsche started to assert its potential at the GT European Championships which reached its pinnacle in 1973 by winning any and every competition that used to take place in 1973.


Source: Motorward

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