Surprise meeting of father with his kid and wedding onboard a float lends a personal touch to Rose Parade

A really dramatic incident happened at the recently concluded Rose Parade (5 ½-mile parade route through Pasadena) where Miriam Pazz was taking pictures of the parade floats. Suddenly, her husband, who is in the military and supposed to be in Afghanistan according to his wife came out of the military float dedicated to dogs, titled “Canines with Courage” and stunned his wife.

Float with a slide

The 4 year old Eric Pazz II leaped out of the sidewalk at his father’s (Army Sgt. 1st Class) sight with the crowd cheering the moment. Pazz later said, “All I wanted to do was holding my wife and son and tell them how much I love them,” He also said, “I was lost in the moment. There was nothing going on in the world except on the ground my family was standing on.”


In an another event at 9:33 AM, Gerald Sapienza and Nicole Angelillo of Virginia took wedding vows on the Farmers Insurance’s float named as “The  Love Float” and were kissing each other even before the pastor asking the groom to kiss the bride.


World famous Primatologist Jane Goodhall arrived in a horse drawn carriage as tournament’s Grand Marshal.


Source: LA Times


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