Paparazzi photographer dies while trying to click Justin Beiber

Undisclosed Paparazzi photographer who was pursuing Justin Beiber’s Ferrari in Los Angeles eventually lost his life over it. Later it was revealed that Beiber wasn’t even present in that car.

Paparazzi photographer dies while trying to get Justin Beiber’s picture-global-annal

The whole incident according to Los Angeles Times kick started when Beiber’s white Ferrari was pulled over by California Highway Patrol at 6 PM Tuesday on 405 Freeway.

Law enforcement officials told Los Angeles Times that the paparazzi photographer arrived soon after Beiber’s Ferrari was told to divert on to Sepulveda Boulevard as the Freeway was getting busier.

The photographer crossed street in hope of getting Beiber’s pictures but was asked to return back to his car from policemen. It was during this return that the photographer got fatally hit by an SUV.

CBS 2 News has however revealed that photographer started crossing street this time without checking traffic movement.

Source: NY Daily News, Los Angeles Times, CBS 2 News


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