Top 10 New Podcasts of 2012 that you must listen

The top ten Podcasts for 2012 are as follows:

10. Call Chelsea Peretti : Chelsea Peretti is a comedian and writer and responds to listener’s questions on any issue ranging from relationships to health issues in a funny way.

9. WNYC: Here’s The Thing: Alec Baldwin interviews a wide array of personalities from different areas as a scholar and asks them questions that forms entertaining and thought provoking conclusions on the subject they are talking about.

8. PodCRASH: Chris Gore is a movie buff and comedian who founded “Film Threat”. He has also been a commentator for G4’s “Attack of the Show”. Here, Gore comes back every week with a new podcast with the show not just restrained to comic punches but also addressing issues like Health, crafting and Mental Illness etc.

7. Decode DC: Andrea Seabrook decided to start Decode DC during the debate on fiscal cliff taking precedence on national media in US. Seabrook was not happy the way media rhetorically presents political news and so have come with her podcast to bring out the truth behind political news as we see it.

6. International Waters: The show is a comedy trivia show run by Jesse Thorn of “Bullseye/Maximum Fun” fame and is going to give NPR’s “Wait Wait..Dont Tell Me!” some serious competition in days to come.

5. Fatman on Batman: Kevin Smith talks about his passion “Batman” series in this weekly show. Smith has interviewed personalities like Adam West, current Batman writer Scott Snyder and Animated Batman Series writer Paul Dini in a nerdy fashion that’s also funny in its own way.

4. The Dana Gould Hour: Dana Gould is a comedy writer who has worked on “The Simpsons” show. The show is one of the best hearing treats available out there for comedy lovers. The show doesn’t follow any particular format and swifts through various formats ranging from monologues, interviews, conversations, the occasional sketch, musical performances, factoids etc.

3. Here Be Monsters: The creator of the show Jeff Emtman has started this show after just one Soundcloud fellowship and deals with his own insecurities by medium of this show. People who have been through such frightening experiences in their lives are called on the show for a conversation.

2. Good Job, Brain!: It’s a trivia show that features offbeat news from across the world.

1. The Truth: It’s a drama show that’s recorded in the form of a movie and is marketed with the tagline “Movie for your ears”.

Source: Daily Dot


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