Google’s back with an updated Santa Tracking algorithm in 2012 holiday season

Google has updated the algorithm for its “Santa Tracker” this year after introducing the service back in 2004. This “Santa Tracker” can be used to know which places have the Santa reached on his sled and the number of gifts delivered by him.


The Santa can also be traced via your Smartphone or Tablet as an Android App is also available for the same. Also you can know where Santa is right now by using the Chrome extension of the software. The Google Earth and Google Earth Mobile can also be used to know the Santa’s whereabouts in 3D.

As a fact you would be amused to know that the tradition of Santa Tracking begun back in 1955 when CONAD’s (now NORAD) Commander-in-Chief Colonel Harry Shoup’s hotline number got misprinted in an advertisement given by Colorado based company Sears Roebuck & Co. as a number on which children can call Santa.

Source: Google Blog, Engadget


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