Google working on “X” phone to compete with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Smartphone breed

Motorola engineer’s are working on designing a Smartphone titled secretly as “X” phone for Google to counter Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Smartphone breed.  However, people who know of the development are saying that the project has met with an obstacle.


Although Google is known for its efficient development of the web based services yet it can’t replicate the same seamless execution in hardware development after it acquired Motorola for $12.5 Bn. The said problems are pointed out to be in the area of supply chain and manufacturing. One of the features that could be held responsible for such obstacles is said to be the bending screen in the Google’s “X” phone.

It would be however interesting to watch that how does Google fine tunes it with Samsung Electronics which is the biggest customer of Google’s Android Platform after Motorola launches the “X” phone. Chances are that once the work on “X” phone winds up, then Google is going to up the work of developing “X” Tablet up its sleeves.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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