Mayan people don’t consider 12/21/12 to be Doomsday

According to some people the coming Friday, i.e. 12/21/12 is doomsday citing the Mayan calendar saying that a phase ends in Mayan calendar on that date. Mayan’s, especially those living in Merida, Mexico don’t believe in the observation and so doesn’t the people from Mayan village Yaxuna. These people think that though it may be the end of an important phase but after it’s end a new phase is going to begin instead of an end of the whole world.


On the date 12/21/12 actually it marks the end of winter solstice after the period of 394 years on Mayan calendar. A wood carver named Santos Esteban living in the Mayan Village Yaxuna (located in Mayan territory that existed during 2000 B.C.) comprising of not more than 700 Mayan’s said “It’s an era. We are lucky to see how it ends,” and “Lots of people say it’s the end of the world, but we don’t believe that,”

An official website on Doomsday ( has however been created by John from Louisville, Kentucky, US for those who don’t share the enthusiasm of Yaxuna villagers and are looking for survival tips. John’s twitter handle (@December212012) also has tweets on the issue.

Ryan Croft, a gun maker based in Asheville, North Carolina on the other hand takes the date really serious and suggests alternative measures like subsisting on roasted mice, live earthworms during the doomsday.

Croft, a Gulf War veteran has also designed two guns, Hybrid AR-15 and AK-47 that is both easy to carry and operate to take on challenges during the doomsday and believes that the ongoing economic challenges faced by US may trigger the doomsday in US.

According to an archaeologist Alfredo Barrera, predictions mention a deity but no mention is made of doomsday.

Source: CNN


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