Movies, music and books that made it to the “Best of” iTunes list in 2012

Apple has announced the best apps of 2012 this week with Action Movie FX app featuring on the top as the most downloaded app on iTunes. Action Movie FX app allows users to add Hollywood like special effects on their iPhone and iPad movies.


The best game for 2012 was announced by Apple to be Rayman Jungle Run ($2.99) from Ubisoft. Paper by FiftyThree which is a free drawing app is the best iPad app for 2012. The best iPad Game 2012 title has however gone to Room by Fireproof Studios.

In the books, movies and music category also Apple announced the best performing artists and novels. Frank Ocean was awarded the best artist whereas Adele’s 21 was the best selling album on iTunes. The Hunger Games became the best selling movie and audiobook with Fifty Shades of Grey becoming the best fiction in paid category.

The episode titled “Seed” was the best show on TV from third season of The Walking Dead. Apple announced Wes Anderson as best director for Moonrise Kingdom whereas Joss Whendon featured on the “Best of” list for writing and directing the movie, The Avengers. You can see all the winners in “Best of” list at the iTunes store.


Source: Forbes, Fast Company

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