Women caught on Spanish Airport for carrying drugs in breast implants


A Women (Panamanian citizen) caught on Spanish Airport (El Prata) for carrying drugs (Cocaine) in her breast implants. The reasons given by this woman to security agents at airport security check were quite vague which aroused suspicion in them.

Another reason that became responsible for her busting was the fact that she has come to Barcelona on a flight from Bogota, Columbia. Flights from Columbia are typically referred to as “hot flights” as it’s infamous for its drug trafficking connections with US going upto as much as 90% of the total drug trafficking in US, according to the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

A woman officer found bloody bandage material under this woman’s breasts when she gave her a pat during the security checking procedures.

After the discovery of bloody bandage was made, the woman was taken to a hospital about which the ministry said, “There, a medical team extracted a bag-shaped prosthesis from each breast containing a white pasty substance,”.

The amount of Cocaine found in these bags were about 1.4 kilograms (3 lbs) which according to the DEA can fetch about $35,000 for a pound.

Editor’s Note: This story was contributed by Vikul Bakshi and edited by Bhavesh Kumar.

Source: CNN


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