United States approves Patriot missiles deployment on Syria-Turkey border

The United States on Friday approved deployment of two Patriot anti-ballistic missile batteries and 400 US troops to operate them on Syria-Turkey Border as the Syrian Government once again denied allegations of firing ballistic missiles at rebels.


Syria is accused by US government that they have fired Scud-type artillery on rebels in northern part of the country from the capital (Damascus). These missiles came close to the Turkey border according to a Washington official that is also a NATO member and a strong US ally.

The Syrian Government has however termed these allegations as untrue reported the state news agency SANA. Another comment made by Syrian authorities on the allegations saying that it’s done purposefully by Turkey and its allies to project Syria in a negative light on a global stage.

Leon Panetta said after reaching the Incirlik Air Base which is a U.S. Air Force installation located at a distance of 80 miles from Syria’s border.

Panetta responded on the Syria’s reaction at the deployment saying, “We can’t spend a lot of time worrying about whether that pisses off Syria,” He has however raised concerns on the eventuality that how will Bashar-al-Assad’s regime react when it realizes that their rule has reached its end.

Source: CNN

Published by Bhavesh Kumar

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