Hitler’s nephew wrote to President Roosevelt to seek permission for fighting in WWII

– Hitler’s Nephew (William Patrick Hitler) was not appreciative of his uncle’s (Hitler) activities and so he wrote an article titled “Why I Hate My Uncle” in the year 1939. He lived in Long Island, US and served in the Navy for three years before getting hurt in 1947.


– He came to US in 1939 and also wrote to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942 asking him for permission to fight in the ‘great struggle for liberty’

– As the war ended, he changed his name and lived quietly in Long Island with his wife and four sons.

Editors Note: I came across the story on the BuzzFeed Politics reporter Andrew Kaczynski twitter account where he recently about the story, it said, “Hitler’s nephew wrote an article called “Why I Hate My Uncle” in 1939. He came to the US, served in the Navy, and lived on Long Island.” Thereon, I searched about more information on the lead and got a detailed article on the incident in the Daily Mail.

Source: Andrew Kaczynski, Daily Mail


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