Ray Comfort’s book, “The Beatles, God and the Bible” and short movie to unveil the spiritual side of “The Beatles” on John Lennon’s 32nd Death Anniversary


-The short movie titled “Genius” by evangelist Ray Comfort on Beatles member John Lennon has been hailed by Manager of Apple Records in its early days in 1968.


-The movie is described by Ray Comfort as a gripping tale on the life and death of John Lennon. He also said, “It’s chilling because it reveals what people will do for money,” and “There are ordinary people out there who would kill you. All they need is the right money and the belief that they won’t get caught.”


– It’s quite ironic that how just before his assassination John Lennon in an interview to Playboy Magazine has said that he didn’t want to die at 40. A few moments later John Lennon was gunned down by a person who just wanted to be famous. John Lennon’s 32nd death anniversary is on 8th Dec, after the Beatles member was shot outside his house in Dakota.

-Ray Comfort said, “John Lennon was a musical genius,” and “All I have to do is think of some of his songs and even the titles make me feel good…and I’m not the only one. His music has crossed cultures and even generations. The Beatles have sold more than 2,303,500,000 record albums, and in June of 2012 they hit number one on iTunes. They are as big now as they ever were and they’re half dead – with the tragic loss of Lennon and Harrison.”

– Ken Mansfield who was a close associate of the Beatles for years and was also present with the Fab Four when they performed on top of Apple Building, London said that, ‘Genius’ will open your eyes.”

– The movie “Genius” is available for free viewing online. The companion book titled, “The Beatles, God and the Bible.” will be released by next month and follows the same tradition that his Comfort followed in his earlier works titled “180” with companion book “Hitler, God and the Bible.”

-The fact that most people didn’t know about is that John Lennon and Paul McCartney met in the church for the first time or that John was a choirboy. Also people don’t know that the Fab Four have professed to be atheists when they were at the peak of the career in 1965.

– Nevertheless Paul McCartney proudly said that they were more popular than Jesus in 1980 by saying “I’m a most religious fellow … I was brought up a Christian, and I only now understand some of the things that Christ was saying in those parables.”

-George Harrison wrote when he was young, “I’m a most religious fellow … I was brought up a Christian, and I only now understand some of the things that Christ was saying in those parables.” Ringo Starr later said, “For me, God is in my life. I don’t hide from that.” In 1990, Paul McCartney said, “I’m not religious, but I’m very spiritual.” and also prayed when his wife was facing pRaylems in delivering their daughter. The song “freedom” sung by Paul McCartney in 2001 also spoke of “a right given by God.”

– Till now not much has been said about the spiritual side of the world’s most popular band “The Beatles” and with the release of “The Beatles, God, and the Bible” insight on this aspect of the band will be available.

Editors Note: Ray Comfort is founder, president and CEO of Living Waters Publications. After establishment of the institution, the ministry gained international recognition. Apart from running his publishing house, Ray also is the co-host with Kirk Cameron of the award winning TV show “The Way of the Master,” that can be seen in 70 countries. A radio show by the same name is also co-hosted by him that is aired by Sirius Satellite Radio Network and many territorial stations. Ray Comfort is a bestselling author with 60 titles under his belt.

Source: WND 


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