Literature Nobel Prize winner Mo Yann thinks censorship is important

-Nobel winner for literature Mo Yann says at the news conference at Stockholm that censorship is like airport security checks and sometimes it becomes impertinent. Mo Yann has been criticized in the past for close ties with China’s Communist Party.


-Mo says that censorship should not be allowed to curtail the truth but should be exercised to stop any rumors or defamatory work to spread. While speaking in Chinese his translator translated his words from Chinese to English. Mo Yann said, ‘‘But I also hope that censorship, per se, should have the highest principal,’’

-while comparing Censorship to airport security procedures he also said ‘‘When I was taking my flight, going through the customs … they also wanted to check me — even taking off my belt and shoes,’’ and  ‘‘But I think these checks are necessary.’’

-Mo Yann is staying in Stockholm right now and plans to spend some time in the city before receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature next Monday.

Source: News 13


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