Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher kills girlfriend and himself

-Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher has shot himself after shooting his girlfriend at the Kansas City Chiefs practice facility on Dec 1st. CBS reports states that Jovan Belcher talked to the GM and head coach of Kansas City Chiefs (Romeo Crennel) before shooting himself.


-Belcher’s girlfriend (Kasandra Perkins aged 32) is said to have shot at around 8am in their house at 54th Street and Chrysler Avenue according to KCTV Kansas reports. Moments later Belcher reached Chief’s practice facility in Arrowhead and shot himself down.

-The incident took place just three months after the birth of their daughter recently. Doubts over tension going on in their relationship are claimed by Perkin’s relatives whom Belcher’s family isn’t approving of now saying that Belcher hasn’t reacted violently like this anytime earlier.

Latest Update 1: Kansas City Chiefs won their first match against Carolina Panthers after  the Jovan Belcher Shootings

Latest Update 2: Kansas City Chiefs GM and head coach Romeo Crennel wiped his tears at Sunday game against Carolina Panthers and stays composed

Source: News Day, Dead Spin


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