Small Business Saturday takes a fair share of consumers this Black Friday and Thanksgiving season

-Small Business Saturday that is known for the gesture of consumers going out to their local small businesses and buying something from them when most of the buyer’s attention goes away with big stores. This year too like the past years, Small Business Saturday that customarily is held two days after the thanksgiving has apparently gone up in sales figures according to Small Business administrator Karen Mills.

-National Federation of Independent Businesses says that for as much as 36% businesses it is one of the most important days in a year, whereas Black Friday is important for only 24% of them.

-Professor of psychology at Widener University, Ross Steinman thinks of the movement as a revolt against big stores where people are even willing to pay extra and let some of their spending go out as income to people from their communities. He says, “There’s so much negative attention in recent years on Black Friday and the rampant consumerism that’s associated with it,” and “Small Business Saturday is a response to that.”

-Even President Obama also stands up in favor of the Small Business Saturday is reported to have gone Christmas shopping at a local bookstore in Washington DC.

Source: Tuscon Citizen 


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