Black Caviar (Horse) on front page of Vogue Australia marks beginning of new era in magazine’s history

-Australian thoroughbred 6-year-old horse “Black Caviar” has created controversy by featuring on the December issue coverpage of Vogue Australia. The fact that a horse appears on the coverpage of Vogue hasn’t occurred once in the 53 year history of the magazine when it used put up models, actresses and musicians on its coverpage.

-“Black Caviar” is undoubtedly the greatest race horses ever seen in the world. She was born on 18 August, 2006 and holds the record of a winning streak (never achieved by any other horse in past 100 years) in last 22 races (her first win being Danehill Stakes in 2009) that still continue unchallenged. Black Caviar also holds the title of WTRR World Champion Sprinter, 2010 to its name. The worth of beating Black Caviar can earn a horse owner $7Mn in prize money. She has as much as 22000 followers on its twitter account.

-Black Caviar’s 22nd straight win came at Royal Ascot (her loyal Australian fans even accompanied her all the way to Britain for this race) in July. She had also beaten France’s Moonlight Cloud at Diamond Jubilee stakes in a close race even after suffering from leg injury

Black Caviar owners have carefully carved a niche for their horse through brand building exercise focused on the theme of “Sophistication and Style”

-Sire Bel Espirit (Aus), 1999 and Dam Helsinge (AUS), 2001 are part of the immediate pedigree from who the brown mare “Black Caviar” comes. Vogue Australia Editor, Edwina McCann describes Black Caviar by saying, “Her coat is this extraordinary pitch black, almost like velvet, with this handsomely structured face and that awesome rump that propels her so fast,”

Australian photographer Benny Horne photographed Black Caviar for Vogue Magazine at an undisclosed location (to protect the horse) in Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne.

-Another coverpage that holds a special place in history of Vogue Australia is the 50th Anniversary cover page that featured illustrated image of Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett, another unusual cover was that of January, 2011 issue where pregnant Miranda Kerr appeared on the coverpage with her baby bum.

-The December 2004 coverpage with Princess Mary of Denmark is also remembered. Both Princess Mary and Prince Frederik along with their son Prince Christian and Daughter Princess Isabella have posed in 2010 for Vogue Germany.

Source: CNN


2 thoughts on “Black Caviar (Horse) on front page of Vogue Australia marks beginning of new era in magazine’s history

  1. So well earned and a great tribute to a truly magnificent, beautiful, strong and BRAVE lady who has won the hearts of millions around the world! Vogue has insight! Well done!

    • Seldom do people find out time to appreciate something truly stunning, thanks for taking out time for appreciating Black Caviar, I am sure she is listening..God Bless her true spirit and your kind words 🙂

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