Colorful Metal Sculpture named “Book of Life” by David Kracov


-The artwork above is a metal sculpture full of colors created by David Kracov.

-The title given to the artwork is “Book of Life” and juxtaposes the virtual reality of many emotions coming into human mind while reading.

-The different colors of the butterflies indicates towards the many emotions with which these colors happens to be associated with

-David Kracov has been selected to create piece of art in memory of children died during holocaust. Only 20 artists have received this honor of which David Kracov was one of them.

-His work is guided by the ever evolving pop culture and his deep dwelling of the English literature. He has left a mark of himself on the World Art Stage and dons many hats like that of a painter and animator apart from being a sculpture artist.

-David was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1968 and knew from quite early in his life (aged 12) that wants to be associated with the world of art. He began by creating his own portfolio and is the youngest artist to have exhibited his works in Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

-From then onwards David Kracov went onto creating lots and lots of Artworks and also got formal education in art from the reputed Rhode Island School of Design

-His work also got featured through the medium of movies- Hollywood Blockbusters “The Lion King” and “The Swan Princess” are two movies in which he contributed

Source: David Kracov 



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