Brookly artist Tom Fruin places his artwork WATERTOWER on Brooklyn USA skyline

-WATERTOWER is the creation of Brooklyn based artist Tom Fruin, who has installed this sculpture on 20th Jay Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn USA. The sculpture is part of Icon Series created by the artist that is recognized internationally. Colorful Salvaged Plexiglass and Steel was used by Fruin to create this sculpture.

-After its creation, Tom Fruin has mounted WATERTOWER on platform making the artwork an unmistakable element in DUMBO, Brooklyn USAs skyline. Icon series, of which WATERTOWER is a part of, actually uses scavenged, recycled and reclaimed materials to create these sculptures which pays tribute to “architecture” in its own way. “Kolonihavehus” was the first sculpture of this series that was exhibited in Copenhagen in 2010.

-An artist’s perception is hard to match by anyone other than the artist itself, even the world’s best reviewers could also not explain the detail behind an artist motivation, and in fact it’s just a peek into the artist’s world and nothing more. Such a prelude is necessary to detail the artwork of an artist.

To see map to reach WATERTOWER click here 

Source: Tom Fruin


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