Device to monitor and talk to home alone dogs created : Controlled through mobile app

–       Mobile Device for checking out on home alone dogs is created by UNSW students

–       Angela Lam, 23-year-old student of Industrial Design at University of New South Wales (UNSW) is the designer of the Mobile app.

–       The idea to create the device occurred to Angela Lam when she felt anxious at leaving her dog (Dopey) alone at home

–       This device has been made capable of control through a mobile app.

–       This device also allows users to talk to their dogs through a loudspeaker. Also a ball with an internal mechanism could be rolled across the house so that the dog could be entertained


Source: Indian Express, bestinhowsdaily

Published by Bhavesh Kumar

A multi-talented professional with diverse experience spanning across Advanced statistical analysis,Python programming with NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, Seaborn, Tableau, Machine Learning with stats models and scikit-learn, Deep learning with TensorFlow, journalism (digital and broadcast), management consultancy and documentary filmmaking. Worked for the leading international news agencies on feature stories, videography, scripting, programming and editing broadcast news. A creative and analytical mindset focused on executing new-age strategic communication initiatives with all its corresponding elements (clear and coherently written key messages, marketing strategy and predictive analytics) to ensure effective target audience impressions. Also, worked on several primary and secondary market research projects (Market Feasibility Study) for businesses looking for actionable insights.

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