Maharatra Politics suffers blow as Bal Thackeray passes away

The recent demise of Bal Thackeray at age 86 in his home in Matoshri has left a vacuum in Indian Politics.

Words alone cannot circumscribe his role in Maharashtra Politics.

Milestones in Bal Thackeray’s life:

  • Born on 23rd January, 1923
  • Begin his career from working as a cartoonist for an English newspaper (The Free Press Journal),
  • Started his magazine “Marmik” in 1960.
  • Goes on to start his political party by the name of “Shiv Sena” in 1966. The party workers were to as “Shiv Sainiks”
  • Fondly called by his followers as Hindu Hriday Samrat (Emperor of Hindu Hearts)
  • Got arrested for the first time in February 1969
  • Supported Indira Gandhi in her move to apply “Emergency” in the 1975.
  • Supported Amitabh Bachchan after allegations of his involvement in “Bofors Scandal” were made.
  • Smita Thackeray played the role of his representative in Indian Film Industry that earned him many friends from the Industry.
  • Shiv Sena’s newspaper “Saamna” launched in 1989
  • Shiv Sena and BJP forms an alliance in 1989
  • Shiv Sena comes to power in Maharashtra in 1995
  • Credited with his contribution towards raising the “Marathi Asmita”
  • Apologized for and criticized the act his party workers attack on a private valentine’s day party on 14th February,2006
  • His praise of Adolf Hitler in the Indian Express interview of 29th January, 2007 was widely criticized
  • Was often accused to be a Xenophobic, one such incident took place when he started passing comments against Bihari’s coming to Mumbai in search of employment and urging people to form suicide bombing squads like Islamic fundamentalists
  • Nephew Raj Thackeray leaves Shiv Sena and forms his own party “Maharashtra Navnirman Sena” (MNS)
  • Retires from public life on October 2012

Source: Hindustan Times, Wikipedia, Indian Express


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